Topics to be discussed

8:00 Registration and Exhibition
Introduction Aaron Heslehurst, MC
Welcome and Opening of the Conference Special Guest: Sophia the Robot
Banking Beyond Disruption Sael Al Waary
Fireside Chat with the Governor, Central Bank of Bahrain HE Rasheed Al Maraj with Aaron Helslehurst
The Radical Transformation of Banking
Well known FinTech banker and author Brett King takes to the stage to challenge our thinking on disruption and why renewing the existing banking systems is not an option. Brett explores the major disruptors through history, and demonstrates that the old ways of thinking about banking are past, arguing that banking is beyond disruption. Brett also provides his take on the future and foresees the blurring of industry sectors as BigTech offers more and more banking services, and banks offer a much wider range of products and services via open banking.
Brett King
The Power Trio: how the interaction between Crypto, AI and FinTech may radically transform finance
In this session, Henri Arslanian shares the latest global developments on cryptoassets, AI and FinTech, including open banking, and how their interaction and combined effect may change finance in a radical way.
Henri Arslanian
FinTech Challengers
The tsunami of FinTech challenger banks has taken the world by storm. Serial entrepreneur Anthony Thomson was the first individual to set up two new banks in the UK, Metro Bank and Atom Bank. Here he shares the story of his latest venture in Australia, 86400.
Anthony Thomson
11:00 -11:30 Refreshment Break : Networking and Exhibition
AI and Fintech
What does the new evolution of AI mean for society, banking and the future? How will smart cities impact on the way we do banking? How will AI enable greater financial inclusion?
Inma Martinez
How Can Regulators Embrace Open Banking?

Fireside Chat with: Steve Kirsch, CEO, Token, and Thomas Blood, Amazon Web Services
Speaker: Steve Kirsch, Token
Thomas Blood, Amazon Web Services

Moderator: Aaron Helslehurst
Entrepreneurs in the New Age of Fintech: From Unbanked to Financial Acumen
The financial inclusion of micro-entrepreneurs is critical for global growth. In this session, Dr. Pippa Malmgren addresses the challenge from a global perspective and argues that leaders of the 21st century require imagination to address disruption to financial services and the implications for the global economy.

Fireside Chat with Dr. Pippa Malmgren, former US Presidential Advisor and expert on finance and the economy.
Dr. Pippa Malmgren

Moderator : Aaron Heslehurst
Wrap up and Audience voting Moderator : Aaron Heslehurst
12:50 Lunch: Networking and Exhibition and Book Signing
From Disruption to Innovation: Banking in the Future
Leading futurists David Smith and Rohit Talwar are joined by David Hanson, the creator of Sophia the robot, to debate the impact of AI on FinTech and how its innovation is disrupting the sector.

Individual presentations followed by a panel discussion
Speakers: David Smith and Rohit Talwar with David Hanson (Hanson Robotics)

Moderator: Aaron Heslehurst, BBC
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee - Opportunities and Challenges for Micro-entrepreneurs in the New Age of Fintech
This session considers opportunities and challenges for SME businesses and micro-entrepreneurs, and looks at the lessons to be learned.
Individual presentations followed by a panel discussion
Qamar Saleem, Global Lead, IFC
Dan Cobley, FinTech Entrepreneur and former MD, Google

Moderator :
Aaron Heslehurst
Question Time
This session brings together thought leaders and FinTech entrepreneurs to answer audience questions and debate why FinTech matters.

Audience Questions with Brett King,  Henri Arslanian,  Inma Martinez  and  Anthony Thomson
 Brett King, Henri Arslanian, Inma Martinez, and Anthony Thomson
Moderator : Alastair Lukies CBE, Chairman, Innovate Finance and UK Prime Minister’s Business Ambassador for FinTech
Banking Beyond Disruption: Inclusion through Innovation
Fireside Chat with Sael Al Waary and B. Chandra
Moderator : Aaron Heslehurst
Highlights and Wrap up Moderator : Aaron Heslehurst
16:15 to 18:00 Exhibition