Dr.Edwin Van der Ouderaa

Senior MD, Customer, Sales and Service Europe, Accenture


Dr. Edwin Van der Ouderaa currently leads Accenture’s Customer, Sales and Service practice for Europe and its Digital Banking practice globally.

Graduated as a Computer Science Engineer in 1985, Dr. Van der Ouderaa also holds a Phd in Information Theory and obtained a MBA in 1989. He then founded a system integration and software company, which was funded with venture-capital. He served as its CEO until 1995.

Since he joined Accenture in 1995, he has been leading numerous global FS client accounts.

He has led one of Europe’s largest Banking IT Infrastructure Transformational Outsourcing programs, was the global head of Accenture’s Payments and Transaction Banking Practice and the head of its UKI Insurance practice. He developed Accenture’s first Banking and Insurance High Performance Point-of Views.

In 2010-11, after the financial crisis, Dr. Van der Ouderaa participated to the creation of the Basel III rules by chairing the Liquidity kick-off sessions, one of the three streams of the Banking Supervision Framework (Capital Adequacy, Liquidity and Macro-Prudential Governance), advising the BIS, the Basel Committee and the G20 FSB with his financial models.

He created Accenture’s Financial Services Data and Analytics practice in 2009. He then took charge of setting up the FS Digital practice in 2014, in which Data and Analytics was merged. He has been leading the FS Digital practice worldwide till 2020, sitting on the global FS Leadership Team and overseeing over that period the pivot of Accenture’s Financial Services revenues from 15% to 70% Digital.

He has also been leading since 2017 Accenture’s Digital Decoupling and Exponential IT initiative which established the world-leading architectural pattern for dealing with large legacy IT estates and integrating them with Digital and Cloud at speed.

Dr. Van der Ouderaa is personally involved in numerous digital transformations of large banks and insurers across the world, accompanying the CEOs on their journey.