Why attend the 2020 edition?

Banking is beyond digital. The impact of disruptive technologies goes far beyond digitizing banking services and is forcing changes in the business and operational models of financial institutions. The pandemic has served as a fast-forward button into the future and catalyzed the adoption of digital across-the-board.

Accelerating digital adoption is no longer optional, but fundamental to an organization’s survival in a rapidly changing world. Fast emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics and distributed cloud are increasingly embedded by organizations to augment human skills, enhance operational efficiency, transform experiences and meet changing market needs and expectations.

As the world strengthens its fight against the pandemic and economy shifts gears from ‘respond’ to ‘recover’ and ‘renewal’, this exclusive congregation of pioneers, industry leaders and key decision makers explore what is ‘banking beyond digital’, and the opportunities to create long lasting positive societal change through Wholesale and Retail banking via an enabling digital ecosystem.

Join us today and help shape the future.