Why Attend

Banking is beyond disruption. The financial landscape is rapidly changing. Historically, traditional financial institutions have been slow to react to change. Today, there is little room for complacency. A failure to adapt to the future could mean the rapid decline of banks, supplanted by agile, digital-only start-ups.


Yet, it’s not just the technology that’s evolving. People are changing too. The days of societal barriers to financial services, whether gender or wealth, are of the past. The development of micro-financing and cloud banking, open to anyone with a smart phone, is levelling the playing field. FinTech is empowering individuals and breaking down barriers. Now is the time to find out how. To find out why.


With a focus on artificial intelligence, financial inclusion and open banking, the MEA Fintech Forum gives attendees an invaluable insight into this new world.


The Forum is truly unique in the region. The Forum will bring together the global experts in FinTech and the leaders of some of the most influential financial organisations.

The discussions, debates and decisions taken at the Forum will shape the future.


Join us today and be part of the future.